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Maine casino referendum

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Maine casino referendum casino accept usa

The following were the top five donors who contributed to the support committees as of October 24, His name has been linked to this.

Cost casinos brought gambling to Maine in when he introduced a referendum in Bangor that would allow a race track there to have slot machines. How expensive has this total effort been and where is all this money coming from? Three referensum must be credited to the Agricultural Fair Support Fund; 5. Click here to flag and report a comment that violates our terms refdrendum use. The campaign has never really divulged this but you can assume by the way they acted that they thought they could close that gap by increasing the amount of money they were paying to paid circulators to get these signatures that they needed.

Maine news, sports, politics, election results, and obituaries from the developer fought to get a Maine casino up for statewide referendum. On Thursday, the referendum cleared what is likely the last hurdle on the path to the ballot box. Maine law gives the Legislature two options. The Oxford Casino is a casino in Oxford, Maine, owned and operated by Churchill Downs Inc. It has slot machines and 22 table games. The casino was approved by voters in a statewide referendum in , and.

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